FY 16/17 – what to focus on – employers and employees


The financial year is off to a cracking start! The market is very strong at the moment for candidates who are a strong fit for opportunity criteria, making it a tight market for employers. In our current experience the market is buoyant at all levels and most industry sectors. Being primarily a sales and executive recruitment firm, we focus heavily on senior sales, technical sales, sales director and country/APAC head roles.

Employers are still quite cautious to release  headcount funds for sales related candidates that do not have a specifically suited value proposition. Candidates must know why they are suited for a role and their background must reflect it. Anything outside the box will often not be considered.

To attract the best candidates, employer branding is now more important than ever. Candidates have a good opportunity to find a role within a company that will lift their experience. Employers have a good opportunity to make their companies the ones people want to work for. Cultural fit is key these days, as it leads to higher employee satisfaction levels and longevity. As a result there are typically more interviews in the process.

The market is rich with development opportunities for both employees and employers, both parties just need to be crystal clear with their goals. There is no room in the market for ambiguity.

Social media profiles for both employees and employers, must showcase key detail. Most individuals will look at a LinkedIn profile prior to anything else.

In order to attract the right candidate, employers are increasingly needing to have broad and thorough recruitment strategies – both internal and agency – headhunt, advertising, referral programs, marketing campaigns etc. Employers that are retaining staff are taking an active role in the development of their employees, offering them career planning and skill development.

Technology is at the forefront of how we do business and live our lives these days. Companies with a strong technology strategy will achieve more with less output, their employees will be able to work in a flexible, adaptable and diverse environment. This is essential to attract the best talent, especially in the sales recruitment process.

Given the global economic uncertainties that are still hanging around, it is only advisable to change roles if you are a strong performer currently.    There is nowhere to hide in a new role if you are not a reliable performer. For employers, prepare to court the candidate you want. Prospective employees need to feel that they are not only needed but wanted. They want to know they have a future with a secure and innovative organisation.

Good luck to all in the new financial year!


Michelle Hart

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