FY 16/17 – what to focus on – employers and employees


The financial year is off to a cracking start! The market is very strong at the moment for candidates who are a strong fit for opportunity criteria, making it a tight market for employers. In our current experience the market is buoyant at all levels and most industry sectors. Being primarily a sales and executive recruitment firm, we focus heavily on senior sales, technical sales, sales director and country/APAC head roles.

Employers are still quite cautious to release  headcount funds for sales related candidates that do not have a specifically suited value proposition. Candidates must know why they are suited for a role and their background must reflect it. Anything outside the box will often not be considered.

To attract the best candidates, employer branding is now more important than ever. Candidates have a good opportunity to find a role within a company that will lift their experience. Employers have a good opportunity to make their companies the ones people want to work for. Cultural fit is key these days, as it leads to higher employee satisfaction levels and longevity. As a result there are typically more interviews in the process.

The market is rich with development opportunities for both employees and employers, both parties just need to be crystal clear with their goals. There is no room in the market for ambiguity.

Social media profiles for both employees and employers, must showcase key detail. Most individuals will look at a LinkedIn profile prior to anything else.

In order to attract the right candidate, employers are increasingly needing to have broad and thorough recruitment strategies – both internal and agency – headhunt, advertising, referral programs, marketing campaigns etc. Employers that are retaining staff are taking an active role in the development of their employees, offering them career planning and skill development.

Technology is at the forefront of how we do business and live our lives these days. Companies with a strong technology strategy will achieve more with less output, their employees will be able to work in a flexible, adaptable and diverse environment. This is essential to attract the best talent, especially in the sales recruitment process.

Given the global economic uncertainties that are still hanging around, it is only advisable to change roles if you are a strong performer currently.    There is nowhere to hide in a new role if you are not a reliable performer. For employers, prepare to court the candidate you want. Prospective employees need to feel that they are not only needed but wanted. They want to know they have a future with a secure and innovative organisation.

Good luck to all in the new financial year!


Michelle Hart

FY 2015/16 – What to expect from the market


There are very positive signs from a recruitment perspective moving into the new financial year.   After a solid FY 14/15, it seems the momentum continues.     High caliber candidates are either actively looking for work, or indeed, at the very least, open to conversations about opportunities that are part of organisations that are transforming and diversifying. Candidate appear to want to work for companies that have a clear picture of who they want to be.

The IT industry is changing at pace, with key developments and innovations across digital, cloud computing, mobility solutions and big data driving employment opportunities and creating vacancies where previously there had been none.      This ever changing environment is both creating opportunities and challenges within the technology sector from an employment perspective.  

We are seeing significant investment from multi-national’s into their APAC operations, with European and US headquartered companies looking to aggressively go after more market share in this region.    This correlates with more senior IT sales jobs in Australia.  

We are very busy at the moment, which is always a good barometer of our area of the market.   There does appear to be quite a lot of discrete executive recruitment being conducted. Roles we are recruiting for are primarily senior sales  and executive opportunities from senior BDM’s up to Sales Directors, General Manager of Sales, Managing Director, CEO and CFO roles.     This is across all areas of ITC and professional services including software, services and infrastructure.  

This is a good time to be looking and hiring, but you must do your due diligence.

Wishing everyone the best for this new financial year.

Luke Hart.


Agile when listening


fleet partners

I worked with Luke on a particularly tough assignment to bring together a specialist business development team within a 2 month timescale from start to finish. He had to really attack the task in hand with energy and commitment but, in particular, he had to be agile when listening to feedback on candidates to adjust and respond accordingly. We recruited two strong team members from Luke’s candidates and I am confident they will make a terrific contribution to our company’s success.

Adam Trevaskus

MD Corporate

Fleet Partners

We’re online and racing!


Welcome to the inaugural posting of the Hunter Jacobs blog.

Firstly, thank you for visiting and happy new year!   2013 is shaping up as a great year for the job market.   We look forward to working with you.   We are so excited to be embarking on this new adventure with Hunter Jacobs.   Hunter Jacobs is truly the amalgamation of many years of recruitment experience and toil.   Over the years we have developed a very defined idea of how things should be done, and seen first hand how it shouldn’t.    We hope that your experience with us will be a positive one and welcome any constructive feedback you have for us.

What can you expect from our blog?

Look, we’re not trying to be pioneering blog-onauts here!    The catalyst for a new social media revolution isn’t going to start from our offices on Bourke St.   What you will find are bits and pieces that we find interesting and relevant to the IT and Professional Services sales community.   We keep our ear to the ground with new developments, new companies, and anything that could be of interest to job seekers and job providers alike. We’ll probably have some opinions on industry news.     We can provide you with updates on how the job market is looking and new developments on the horizon that may affect your recruitment strategy or job search.   We welcome comments and feedback and any suggestions you may have for a posting.     We want to keep this sharp, informative and informal and try to have a bit of fun with it.

So once again welcome, and here is to a productive and successful 2013!

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